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Explore Poland

Mysterious, unknown, wild, best for off-road travel country in Europe.

Our Team has already hold lots of tourist, adventure and crossing events. We also have several years’ experience in driver’s education on rough roads as well as in off-road expeditions. We’ve had lots of different picnics for many off-road vehicles producers or car dealers and we’ve organized many staff trainings in HR. may also organize an integrated event for a company with the use of off-road vehicles. We have at our disposal lots of tourist accommodations and areas all over the country. We have a good reputation and we do enjoy trust. We’re very popular with many companies and individuals who systematically visit (take part in) our widely available expeditions and tourist events with off-road vehicles.

We invite you to our excellent events! We’ll organize the most memorable journey in a narrow circle and we’ll reach every remarkable corner of the globe. We offer you jaunts/outings and expeditions in the custody of professional guides/leaders, instructors and medical lifeguards. We guarantee the best service and living conditions through the whole outing time. Our flexibility lets us organize the event which comes up to your expectations. offers the expeditions prepared just for you…and not only in Poland area, but also in the Central-East and East Europe.

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